Warrenton Church of Christ will be sending a Balikbayan Box to the Philippines that are either impossible, too difficult, or too expensive for the Catamora's obtain themselves.  If you would like to contribute to this effort, please drop the items off at the church by September 5th. You can also donate funds by clicking here.


Receiving these items has always been a great blessing to them and they are very thankful and appreciative of the gifts.  

Message from  Roy and Norme:

We still thank you for your kindness and your undying support in helping the church of the Lord to grow not only in number but also in the spiritual aspect so that we can teach many more souls and bring them to the kingdom of God. We know that God will be happy if we work together for the development of the Lord's church paid for by his blood. But we would not be able to do this without your support.
We tried not only to teach people who are not yet in the church but also to strengthen the brethren, especially the youth. I remember one of our heroes, Dr. Jose Rizal, who said that the youth is the hope of the country. We can also apply his statement that the youth of the church is the hope for the advancement of the kingdom of God in the next generation.
Once again, thank you very much as well as the whole congregation of Warrenton for your unwavering support of our ministry here in the Philippines. 
We have listed the items that you will send to us with the hope that they will not become an additional burden on your part. But we believe that the Lord will not neglect to give you and the brethren the abundant blessings that He will pour on His people. Like the widow's jar that didn't lack or didn't run out of flour when she took care of Elijah according to 1 Kings 17:14-16.

Requested Items

Kids Multivitamins
Adult Multivitamins
Vegetable oil
Body soap
Body wash

Lotion (Vaseline)
Biotene (multi collagen)
Brownie Mix
Pancake Mix
Ginger Tea
Green Tea
Butter Cookies
High-cut shoes (for girls) Sizes: 5/6/7
Clothing: Pants, skirt, polo shirt- no large sizes.  These are mostly for the kids and teens there and they are all small

School Supplies