Warrenton Church of christ 2021

Chronological Scripture Reading

Below is the calendar for the Chronological Scripture Reading Challenge for 2021.  Click HERE to download a printable version of the current month.  

As Christians, we want to “do what Jesus would do,” but we need to find out what Jesus actually did to get a bead on that.  Which kind of points us in the direction of Bible reading and Bible study.


We hope that you will find this plan do-able; each weekday is a small, bite-sized piece. About a chapter a day.

It will take us through the New Testament this year.


Some helpful suggestions from Bob-

1-  Get your own snazzy journal to take notes in.

2- Record some of your prayer concerns.

3- Write down any questions that come up as you read.

4- If you have time, read from some different translations- some old, some new, some literal, some more dynamic.

5- Do little daily reviews.

6- Put yourself into the stories.

7- What is God’s message for you, for that day, from the reading?

8- If you get behind, don’t panic or get discouraged.

      a. Try to catch up, or,

      b. Just pick up where everyone else is. Make a note of what you missed, and go back when you can. 

               This is supposed to be inspirational and fun. It should be what I call a “no guilt” operation.

       c. Whatever you actually ARE able to read is more than you WOULD have read, right?