Warrenton Church of christ 2021

Chronological Scripture Reading

Below is the calendar for the Chronological Scripture Reading Challenge for 2021.


As Christians, we want to “do what Jesus would do,” but we need to find out what Jesus actually did to get a bead on that.  Which kind of points us in the direction of Bible reading and Bible study.


We hope that you will find this plan do-able; each weekday is a small, bite-sized piece. About a chapter a day.

It will take us through the New Testament this year.


Some helpful suggestions from Bob-

1-  Get your own snazzy journal to take notes in.

2- Record some of your prayer concerns.

3- Write down any questions that come up as you read.

4- If you have time, read from some different translations- some old, some new, some literal, some more dynamic.

5- Do little daily reviews.

6- Put yourself into the stories.

7- What is God’s message for you, for that day, from the reading?

8- If you get behind, don’t panic or get discouraged.

      a. Try to catch up, or,

      b. Just pick up where everyone else is. Make a note of what you missed, and go back when you can. 

               This is supposed to be inspirational and fun. It should be what I call a “no guilt” operation.

       c. Whatever you actually ARE able to read is more than you WOULD have read, right?