Warrenton Church of Christ Virtual Photo Scavenger hunt

For this event, each family team will scavenge the town for a zany list of items and snap a photo of themselves and the item. The team that finds the most items and show the best creativity will win!


Everyone is encouraged to play however we ask only one team per household.


To play, see list of items below for your team to scavenge and snap a photo of. 

The rules are simple:

1.    All items must be found in person by your family team. NO internet photos allowed.

2.    You must take a photo of the found item with at least one member of your team.

3.    Each item can only be used once to fulfill an entry.

4.    Get creative- it is ok to think outside the box!

5.    Stay safe! Obey all local laws! Social distance and wear masks as needed!

6.    Have fun!

All photos must be emailed or texted to Jenn Doolin by 12 pm on Monday, December 18th. You can email and text as you capture the items or all at once. Whatever works best for you! Click here to email Jenn for her number and email address.  Please send your team name and item number with each text or email .

Game starts NOW and ends on Monday, January 18th. We will have a Zoom party on January 23rd at 7pm. 

We will show a slide show of all the entries and announce the winners.

On your marks, get set, GO!

The List!

  1. an outdoor church info bulletin/sign
  2. outdoor Christmas decorations that are still up
  3. a snowman
  4. cheapest gas price in town
  5. the word LOVE
  6. something with the word Warrenton
  7. not dressed for the weather
  8. an act of kindness/good deed
  9. doing housework or a chore
  10. something you made
  11. meal by candlelight
  12. fountain
  13. in the forest
  14. bird bath
  15. world's best pet
  16. a pyramid
  17. 7
  18. with a bug
  19. "It does a body good....."
  20. tea time
  21. the 80's
  22. looking waaaaay cool
  23. front and back
  24. with a sunflower
  25. purple

Click here to download a printable version